CRM Operational Software



Our CRM Software helps you to make your business easier by automating your workflow. It's help you to retain customers by providing excellent customer service. Every new leads can be register from software and able to control the lead stages. Lead stages can be change from one to other level depends on customer responces.

Services from customers can be register based on AMC, client work and other services. Every services can assign to our staff, When assigning service the happy code will send into customer's phone number. This happy code customer will given to staff if satisfied on his service, then staff can update happy code from software and able to complete his serivce successfully. Other wise service will be completed unsuccessfully. Staff also should report and upload service completed site photos before update happy code.


  • Secured and multi user login system
  • Type of users are super admin, franchises, main staff, marketing staff, marketing head and service team.
  • Super admin can perform all functionalities but others privileges are limited.
  • Multi Franchise registration
  • Multi staff registration
  • Customer registration
  • Leads Managment
  • Service register Managment
  • Marketing staff can register new leads from individual logins, but every leads should be approved by marketing head and super admin before confirm it as the job.
  • All kinds of Reports.

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